Wi-Fi signal booster

The importance of a Signal Booster for your cell phone and laptop

Can you imagine life without a mobile phone? Guess not because they have become a part of us and you feel something is missing when the phone is not in your hand or pocket.  Today it’s not just a phone, but a time keeper, an alarm, a store finder, web surfer and also the device that will help you to arrive at your destination without getting lost if it’s GPS enabled. But funnily enough the one thing it doesn’t do properly is help us to place calls and receive calls when most needed because of poor signal and background static.

Advances in technology however has an answer to that as well and that is get a cell phone signal booster that will eliminate the problem of dropped calls and background disturbances.  It is now possible to amplify your mobile phone signal by having a signal booster installed indoors, outdoors or in your vehicle. It doesn’t matter how powerful your phone is and how much you paid for it, you will still have problems with calls if you don’t get a proper signal. This can be due to many reasons including that of your residence being in a dead zone in which case, no signals are received in that area at all or you could be living in the basement or surrounded by high rise buildings that prevent the signal from reaching your phone.

Tough luck I know, but unless you’re ready to vacate your home and find a place closer to a signal tower you will encounter this problem most of the time. If you prefer an external cell phone signal booster, it can be fixed on the balcony or rooftop to capture the signal and transmit to your phone within a specified range. This is great if you’re the sort of person who cannot stay in one place and roams all over the building with the phone stuck to your ear.  Home users however can go for a device that can be attached to their work table or any other place convenient to them.

If your problems however are with internet connections or the lack of it, the same solution is suggested but this time the equipment you must buy is a wireless signal booster.  A drop in a wireless signal that makes it impossible for you to use your lap has the same reasons as for cell phones. Obstructions between your equipment and the signal are the most common causes for the signal to get disconnected in your laptop.  Although many computer geeks save money by making their own signal booster, it’s recommended that you choose a Wi-Fi signal booster that has been used and tested by others before purchase.

The best place to do this is by going online to check the different brands and capacities that are available and buy a Wireless signal booster that will provide you with the best signal for your laptop. Once it’s installed you will find that you not only have a continuous connection to the internet but that you can also use your laptop wherever you like within the purview of the signal strength.


Problems with Reception? Why not try a cello phone signal booster

Do you ever see someone without a cellphone in their hands or one sticking out of a pocket these days? You never do because they have become a part of life for almost everyone and it’s impossible to think of a time when we didn’t have the use of one of these gadgets. Having a cell phone is one thing, but it can be really frustrating when you cannot use it due to either the call dropping mid way or in view of there being no reception at all. A few simple steps that can be taken in such situations are explained here briefly.

Tall buildings in the vicinity can hamper cell phone reception and if you’re in such a location try moving to an open area and keep checking your phone to see where you can get a good reception.  Cell phone providers try their best to erect as many towers as possible to provide the best reception to their customers; this however is not always possible in residential areas due to objections from city authorities.  If the problem persists, try changing the network to one that has better coverage for your area or better still you can   use a cell phone signal booster to enhance your reception.

The easiest way to do this is by using an antenna or external signal booster which is best for increased reception. If you can get the right adaptor, you will have no problem in finding the cell signal booster most suitable for your phone; and that might cost you anything from $25 to $75. Ensure you get professional help to have your signal booster installed.

If you have set up a wireless net work at home, you might experience the same problems especially if there are high walls and roofs obstructing the transmission of power over distances. Since all wireless networks are also based on radio transmissions, your best option is to use a wireless signal booster to improve the strength of the wireless router. If you already have one, you can try changing its location to see if it works better or if not go for a powerful router and if none of these works, you can always buy a Wi-Fi signal booster which is sure to give you the best reception and fast internet speed.

If you wish to boost the reception to your laptop computer a Wi-Fi signal booster that is connected to your   laptop or any type of computer will be your best option. How good or bad the signal is will depend on the distance from the wireless router which sends the signal to your laptop. The wireless router being the central device in a network that provides access to the internet to any type of computer or   gadget that has a radio link will have a wireless adaptor to receive the signal from the router and send it back again. When distance weakens the signal, the best way to improve it is by installing a wireless signal booster for your computer or laptop to receive the best and speediest connection you ever can.