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The importance of a Signal Booster for your cell phone and laptop

Can you imagine life without a mobile phone? Guess not because they have become a part of us and you feel something is missing when the phone is not in your hand or pocket.  Today it’s not just a phone, but a time keeper, an alarm, a store finder, web surfer and also the device that will help you to arrive at your destination without getting lost if it’s GPS enabled. But funnily enough the one thing it doesn’t do properly is help us to place calls and receive calls when most needed because of poor signal and background static.

Advances in technology however has an answer to that as well and that is get a cell phone signal booster that will eliminate the problem of dropped calls and background disturbances.  It is now possible to amplify your mobile phone signal by having a signal booster installed indoors, outdoors or in your vehicle. It doesn’t matter how powerful your phone is and how much you paid for it, you will still have problems with calls if you don’t get a proper signal. This can be due to many reasons including that of your residence being in a dead zone in which case, no signals are received in that area at all or you could be living in the basement or surrounded by high rise buildings that prevent the signal from reaching your phone.

Tough luck I know, but unless you’re ready to vacate your home and find a place closer to a signal tower you will encounter this problem most of the time. If you prefer an external cell phone signal booster, it can be fixed on the balcony or rooftop to capture the signal and transmit to your phone within a specified range. This is great if you’re the sort of person who cannot stay in one place and roams all over the building with the phone stuck to your ear.  Home users however can go for a device that can be attached to their work table or any other place convenient to them.

If your problems however are with internet connections or the lack of it, the same solution is suggested but this time the equipment you must buy is a wireless signal booster.  A drop in a wireless signal that makes it impossible for you to use your lap has the same reasons as for cell phones. Obstructions between your equipment and the signal are the most common causes for the signal to get disconnected in your laptop.  Although many computer geeks save money by making their own signal booster, it’s recommended that you choose a Wi-Fi signal booster that has been used and tested by others before purchase.

The best place to do this is by going online to check the different brands and capacities that are available and buy a Wireless signal booster that will provide you with the best signal for your laptop. Once it’s installed you will find that you not only have a continuous connection to the internet but that you can also use your laptop wherever you like within the purview of the signal strength.


Using a Wi-Fi Signal Booster to avoid losing internet connectivity

Having problems with receiving or placing calls from you cell phone? Don’t just blame the manufacturer because it might not have anything to do with him. No matter how superior or costly the phone is, reception issues affect everyone when the signal from the tower does not get across to your phone. There could be many reasons for dropped calls and no signals with the primary one being that the relevant area is far from a cell phone tower or your signal is crossing a dead zone where there is no signal at all.  Since the main reason you need a phone to give calls and receive them, you have to do something to solve the problem.

Apart from moving to another area which I don’t think is practical, the next best and only thing you can do is to get yourself a cell phone signal booster to strengthen the signal received from the tower. Keep in mind that you’re not the only person assailed by this issue and evidence show that a majority of people in the country suffer from this issue when you look at the rising sales figures of the cell phone signal booster.  What a signal booster can do is amplify the weak signal to make it strong enough to cross a dead zone or other barriers such as high concrete walls and aluminum sidings to reach your phone.

Many reputed manufacturers that have come to recognize this problem have designed a signal booster providing an easy way out for people who have been suffering with dropped calls and no calls for a long time. There are of course reliable models and the not so reliable ones and it’s up to the user to do some research and buy what’s most suitable for his mobile device.  Another area where signal distortion causes havoc is with internet users who find it a real hassle to get a connection to their network due to the same problem.

Anyone who has experienced problems when trying to access a network to search for information, to do shopping online or simply to watch a movie will understand how frustrating it can be not to be able to get a connection to the internet.  For some, it’s a case of the connection appearing and disappearing which makes it even more of an irritant causing a lot of time to be wasted.    The easiest way to overcome this problem is by opting for a Wi-Fi signal booster that would help to increase the range of the signal considerably.

Installing such a signal booster is no big deal and can be done by following a few simple instructions that are included with the device.  All that has to be done is to plug the wireless signal booster into the router you use at present and give it   a password so that no one else within the range of the signal can access it on your account.  This type of signal booster is also great if all members of your family own laptops so that they can make use of the Wi-Fi signal booster to enhance their connection as well. Keep in mind that a wireless booster can be used anywhere in your home as long as it’s within the stipulated range and all your signal problems will be solved.


Why a wireless signal booster can enhance our internet connection

In a highly technical scenario, superior technology and new inventions are clearly leading us towards an increasingly wireless world. This is especially visible when it comes to internet access and computer technology where most of the gadgets and devices are designed for wireless networking, gradually breaking the shackles of cables and wires that used to create utter chaos in homes and offices with ungainly clutter.

The introduction of Wi-Fi has given us a taste of what it is to be wireless and how cost effective it can be without having to incur in the costs involved in wiring and the problems encountered when even the lightest thing goes wrong. This however does not mean that Wi-Fi is perfect   because it comes with its own problems. Nevertheless Wi-Fi technology has already brought us access to the internet through radio wave transmissions.

But the problems we face today are those that happen as a result of receiving weak signals to our computers and other devices that work through a radio link. This is mostly due to the distance between the wireless signal and the device that receives the signal being too much while obstructions such as tall buildings and trees not to mention the walls in the house that compromises smooth internet accessibility to these devices.    But there’s one sure way of strengthening the signal of the wireless router and that’s by installing a wireless signal booster.

What happens when the signal booster is installed is that it receives the signal transmitted from the router and transmits it back to the router at a greater strength thereby improving the range of the router more than six fold.  Anyone interested in setting up a wireless internet connection must however use a router as well as a wireless access point. The access point is what allows a number of machines to enter the network through Wi-Fi.  A wireless access point has to work in conjunction with a wireless router to provide internet access. An access point is used in many places that network such as large offices, hospitals, government depts., among many others.

Let’s now deviate from the topic a little bit to talk about a cell phone signal booster. As we are all well aware, there are many a time we find that we cannot call anyone due to there being no signal or a very weak signal on the phone. This is mostly due to there being too many obstructions between our phones and cell phone towers similar to what was mentioned earlier. With some networks not having enough towers in certain areas due to problems they have in constructing them, the signals received are very poor.

In such situations you either change your network provider to one that has a better networking

system   or simply buy a signal booster for your cell phone which is the easier and less expensive of the two. A cell signal booster is usually mounted at the back of the phone and helps in amplifying the signal in locations where it is weak. An externally fixed signal booster has better access to radio signals received from the tower than those inbuilt to the phone and therefore is capable of enhancing the reception powers of the cell phone to a great extent.