Many uses the Webcam and the Network Camera can be put to

The webcam is such a small piece of equipment that you would hardly notice if you didn’t know how valuable it is to people like us staying far away from home. Leaving family and going far   is not as bad as it used to be because you know the moment you walk into your apartment and turn on the computer, you’re just a click of the button away from seeing your family and siblings. Not having to pay a cent when calling from one computer to the other has also greatly contributed to the popularity of programs such as SKYPE, not to mention the unbelievable pleasure it gives you when the connection is made and you hear a familiar voice.

When investing in a webcam its wiser to pay extra and buy a superior model that will ensure a clear picture and connectivity without you having to strain your eyes to look at grainy pictures that keep breaking up making it a extremely frustrating when you want to discuss something important. There are webcams and Webcams with some being sold around $15-$20 where the performance matches the price. But if you go for a Logitech model you will have a clear screen and pleasant interaction but this will be necessary only if you’re using a desktop PC because modern laptops and Notebooks have the webcam built in to them.

They’re very useful not only for us to chat with family and friends but also in offices when it’s necessary to talk to people in branches spread across the country or   overseas. Just think how much you can save on telephone calls merely by being connected to the computer on a webcam? What’s even better is that you can talk limitlessly because services like SKYPE are completely free if you’re talking from computer to computer. It is however possible to call from a computer to a landline or mobile for which   you’re expected to deposit money in your SKYPE account.

Our bosses too are making good use of programs like SKYPE and the webcam to hold meetings with their foreign counterparts and business associates and the fact that everything is free of charge makes it possible for them to hold even   lengthy conferences and long drawn discussions that can never happen if they had to pay for it. Similarly using such a program with a webcam means you get to see the people you wish to talk to face to face and thrash out any problems there are without having to buy an air ticket and fly half way across the globe.

A network camera provides a similar service but for a different reason. A network camera is what you would call a video surveillance device that is fixed to observe and record everything that happens in the vicinity. With so many unsavory things happening these days, many residents and business owners not to mention government establishments have started fixing network cameras for security reasons.

The better and more advanced cameras have a web server inbuilt and come with its own IP address so that you don’t even have to connect it to your computer or network. But this is not really necessary if you’re simply monitoring your home and is only required for high security institutions that must have round the clock surveillance to filter suspicious characters and activities.


Investing in new hardware and a brand new monitor was money well spent

Why aren’t people satisfied with black computer cases? After all they look dignified and elegant but then who am I to argue when everyone seems to want   way out looking gaming cases for their computers. Some are even more interested in their computer cases and how to design them rather than what’s installed inside. After all shouldn’t they know what type of computer motherboard it has and how functional it is for all the games they hope to play and the graphics they’re planning to create?

Would you believe that very recently I saw some gaming cases that were beyond my imagination? One looked like a nuclear warhead another like a post office and one made me really squirm because it looked like; oh never mind what it looked like. Honestly I can’t believe the extent people would go to look ridiculous. As for those carnival like lights inside, Heaven help me because those gaming cases looked more like a disco that I went to once and never wanted to be seen in again.

But thank god that the computer motherboard is still safely inside the computer case because I dare not think what it will look like if someone got the bright idea of sticking it outside. One thing we must be happy about is the number of ports they have built into the present day computer motherboard because now we have enough and more slots to connect our USB cables, flash drives, camera devices etc. without having to remove one to plug in another.

Likewise there are other intelligent options today such as computer RAM and graphics card that are becoming more and more necessary to carry out the multitude of tasks that we’re expected to do in office and at home. Being able to play more exciting video games is one great benefit I have obtained by installing a powerful Graphics card because now I feel that I’m one with the game that comes to life with the new graphics in it. The same can be said for the sound card that makes all those crashes and screeches sound so real.

Being able to play more games also became possible in view of the extra Computer RAM that was added to my computer recently. But this was not exactly why I had to go for extra RAM. It was when my computer started slowing down that I had to take advice from an expert who requested me to get additional Computer RAM installed because I was running short of memory and that it would become worse in the future. Now my computer is performing smoothly and purring like a kitten and I have no problem in accessing any website I want to or play a game of my choice.

But none of these would have been of any use if not for my brand new computer monitor that provides the most amazing display of color and contrast not to mention the clarity of images that I never used to experience with my old small CRT monitor. It did cost me a little bit more than I expected because I wanted the biggest and the best computer monitor that money could buy, and boy, am I glad that I did   because the monies invested in these parts and accessories are well worth the month I spent I can tell you.


Getting the best PS3 game downloads

PlayStation 3 no doubt is one of the most popular games consoles not only for kids but for adults as well. Many love the features that come with it and finding new games to play on the console causes much excitement to gaming fans. But, a new gaming console also means there are certain problems you didn’t bargain for also happening when you least expect it. This could take place when you download games or start playing them. So let’s take a look at how PS3 games are downloaded and also what common problems are encountered.

The easiest way to find the best games to download is by making a Google search for them by entering the words “PS3” on the search engine. You will get hundreds and hundreds of links that can be accessed but what is important is to find out which are legal and which are not. Although Google usually does not provide illegal sites it’s always better to check the quality and reputation of the site before you start downloading games from it. Without you being aware, you could be downloading virus and malware to your computer and risk the hard drive of your computer permanently.

You should make it a point to check the websites you wish to download PS3 games from and more importantly read the reviews posted by previous gaming fans. They would know exactly how good or bad a site is. You should always be wary of downloading games from free sites because they are the worst culprits on this score. Sometimes even the links they provide are bogus and will not take you to games but to other links and from those to other sites etc. because all they are interested in is getting their products or websites promoted.

If you signup and obtain membership at a site that provides a database of PS3 games you will be able to avoid most of the problems encountered when downloading games.  You might have to pay a yearly subscription or a small fee each month but it’s still better than purchasing games outright which can cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, at paid sites, they do have a wide variety of PS3 and other games both old and new and you have the opportunity of downloading any one of your choice without worrying about the quality which unlike in free sites, tends to be much better.

Some websites are willing to guarantee your money back if you’re not satisfied with their services or the games you get to download. With such website you can be sure they’re legitimate and that you will have no major issues with the games you download to play on your PS3 gaming console. You can at least be sure that your computer will not be inundated with virus, spyware and malware which are the worse thing that can happen to any computer. Reputed sites always make sure they offer not only original games but they also filter them before members download their choices. So, if you can’t afford to pay for new games but love to play PS3 games on your console, follow the above advice and you can have a great time at very little cost.


Its best to look for your computer devices online

If you are a lover of music and can’t wait to cut your own record, you will no doubt be experimenting by creating tracks   and listening to them on your computer, editing and redoing them until you have got it   right. But to do this, you will definitely need a powerful sound card because   the one integrated into the modern computer whether it’s a desktop PC or laptop is simply not powerful enough for your needs.  You might light to check out two different types of sound cards available today; i.e. the USB sound card and the PCI sound card. What you choose will depend on the number of tracks you want to record at one time and how you wish to record them.

It’s best you do your shopping online because this is where you can find the best for the cheapest rates or at least to fit your budget. But if your interests lie in more mundane things such as playing games or not so mundane tasks such as video editing and creating high end graphics you will require a powerful graphics card to enable you to get on with your tasks.  Game playing does require a high end graphics card without which you will find that your game is slowing down or not as exciting as it used to be. This does not mean you have to throw away your computer because you should first change your graphics card and see if there’s any improvement.

Actually, there could be another reason for the slowing down of your computer which might be because there’s not enough memory to take in all the games and other stuff you keep downloading. Computer RAM as you know is a kind of temporary data storage which is then transferred to the CPU for processing.  Gamers and others involved in multi tasking require a lot of computer RAM which cannot be satisfied with what has been inbuilt into the machine initially. Such users therefore have to buy extra RAM for a speedier performance and also to carry out all their high end tasks for which a lot of RAM   is required.

But let’s not forget the all important computer motherboard which must be compatible with the processor since the slots that connect one to the other have to fit perfectly for the computer to function. Whatever components that are used in the functioning of the machine such as the hard drive, the storage devices, sound card and graphics card among others are all inter connected to the computer motherboard which is responsible for the microprocessor chip that in turn controls the activities of all the components mentioned above.

The shape, size and layout of the motherboard must also be taken into account before the components are installed into the system since the size and design of the computer case will also depend on this.  Gamers however will need specially devised gaming cases that can accommodate additional slots for their gaming devices and also a powerful cooling system to keep the components from becoming heated up with too much   playing.

It’s easier to look for special gaming cases online in the same way that you will be able to buy a computer monitor of your choice for a much cheaper price than you could from a traditional store. The latest computer monitor is a thing of beauty that occupies very little space and is very light weight  while the wide LCD screen can provide the best visual display whether you use your computer to watch movies, play games or create  spreadsheets.


Buying or building a computer

When buying a computer or building one, each person has his own way of doing things. Some go for brand names and swear they wouldn’t be seen dead with anything else while others are satisfied with whatever they think is good enough and what they can afford. Some folks purchase whatever is new and trendy whether its suitable for their requirements or not.

It’s the same when buying PC cases for computers. Unlike in the past, there are cases that are made out of different material and come with various components. Someone building a case will know exactly what he needs in it; especially gamers who  always make sure there’s enough room in their PC cases to install extra fans for cooling purposes, and also for additional ports required for gaming devices and for upgrading in future.  Those who buy the PC cases are the people who are generally more interested in brand names because of their inability to repair them on their own if something goes wrong and depends on a quality product that will give them years of trouble free service.

Buying a touch screen monitor is not the same because it doesn’t come cheap and many therefore would make certain what they buy is of a reputed brand and good quality. Of course there’s no question of manufacturing one because the technologies involved are far beyond the capabilities of an amateur computer expert.  But anyone wanting to go for a touch screen monitor must first consider if she’s going to like working on it in the first place. Many computer users that have got used to the keyboard and mouse find the touch screen a trifle awkward especially when it comes to typing lengthy reports etc.

If you’re not sure and yet wish to replace your old computer monitor, its always better to go for either a LCD or LED monitor that can be used the normal way with a keyboard but comes with a superior screen infused with liquid crystal display technology that makes these screens so much better than the old CRT display screens. Not only are the images bright clear and sharper and the contract ratio almost perfect   in this kind of computer monitor,   it can also bring down your electricity bills considerably.

But, if you wish to change only the old monitor and buy any one of the above new monitors, you might be disappointed that it doesn’t work to your expectations. This could be mostly due to the graphics card in your old computer not having sufficient power to be compatible with the advanced technology in your new monitor and the only way you can change this is by installing a new graphics card that is suitable for the new one.

If you also wish to upgrade the audio function on your computer for recording purposes or simply for the purposes of enjoying your games with a better sound system, its best that you buy a USB sound card that is capable of controlling    audio components such as the speakers and amps in the computer.  Not only is the USB sound card less complex to use it can also be used for multi tasking purposes such as composing music and recording it for work or for pleasure.