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Cold Air Intakes

The first CAI cold air intake was the K&N cold air intake in 1992. It was designed as replacement and performance improvement to factory air box and air filter. Cold air intakes are mounted to the opening of the engine’s air intake piping in the engine bay where there is more and cooler supply of intake air. Factory air intake tubes are usually designed by automakers with a lot of bends and turns, decreasing the air delivered to your combustion chamber. Your factory intake system encloses the intake box within the engine compartment, where it collects hot engine air. If you have enjoyed the reduced engine noise from the stock air intakes, you’re probably more devastated to know that it has been robbing your engine with horsepower and torque for so long. Not to mention, fuel too. Cold air intakes will surely help you get those ponies and torques back.

Feed your engine the oxygen rich cold air with high-performance cold air intakes. Air intakes have always been the best aftermarket solution for enthusiasts who rather find engine performance dull and boring with its stock air box and paper filter. The principle to how cold air intakes work is simple, they provide the engine with cold air, which is denser than hot air and holds more oxygen to be used for combustion.By design, cold air intakes help your engine burn fuel more efficiently and faster. And what exactly does that give you? What you’ve always wanted – more horsepower, more torque, and fuel economy.

Cold air intakes are designed to be a lot better than the factory air intake tubes, air box, and paper filter. Performance intake tubes are a lot wider and have fewer bends so more and free-flowing air goes directly to your combustion chamber. They are usually made with mandrel bent aircraft grade aluminumfor the mightily strong and cool air intake construction. Performance cold intake system also ditches the weak and not-too-filtration-efficient paper filters. Instead, it features air filters with maximum filtration efficiency using synthetic or cotton gauze filter media. These performance air filters can filter out even the smallest dust and dirt that may harm your engine. Thus, cold air intakes do not just let your engine breathe more air, but cleaner air to prevent any engine damage. Most cold air intakes relocate the factory air box outside the engine compartment, so it gulps cooler air from the outside.

So much has changed with the cold air intake system design after the first ever k&n intake system.  Each brand promises new features, state-of-the-art engineering, and of course, more power gains. So, how do you know which cold air intake is best for you and your vehicle?First, you have to choose between standard cold air intakes and performance cold air intakes. Next, choose the look you want since cold air intakes adds a more handsome look to your engine bay. And lastly, choose the one that fits your budget. Enter your vehicle’s year, make, and model in our vehicle search box and you will surely find the perfect cold air intake system that will suit you and your power-hungry engine.

Here at carparts paradise, we store the best selection of cold air intakes with reasonable price tags, will look great in your engine bay, and will give your engine big gulps of cold air to extract every bit of power you engine has. We carry only the bestbrands of cold air intake systems, known for taking engine performance to the peak.Being the first cold air intake ever made, we store cold air intake k&n because we believe in the brand’s legacy in performance and reliability. An Injen Cold Air Intake guarantees custom tuning for your specific drivetrain, while AEM cold air intake boasts the best air filter technology of all cold air intakes ever made. We’ve also got enthusiasts’ favorites like the air raid intake and afe air intake systems. Whether you choose any of the AEM intake, injen intake, Airaid, or AFE, we guarantee that they are the best of their class in boosting horsepower, torque, and gas mileage. Don’t also forget that our cold air intakes ship for free right in front of your doorsteps!